A Fringe Fan Glossary

If you are new (or maybe not so new) to Fringe, some of the terms being discussed among fans of the show may be a little confusing. This is a brief guide to the Fringe people, places and things that fans talk about. **WARNING: Some entries may contain spoilers.**


1. The Phillip Broyles from Over There (the redverse, Season 3). He was killed in Season 3 by Walternate’s henchmen.
2. The Phillip Broyles from Over There (the yellowverse, Season 4). In Season 4, Alt-Broyles was never murdered, and is still alive and leads Alt-Fringe Division.

Alt-Fringe Division
The redverse‘s own Fringe Division, which answers to Walternate, the Secretary of Defense.

Another name used by some fans for Bolivia.

The Astrid Farnsworth of the redverse. She is autistic and works as a “looker” for Alt-Fringe Division.

An immobilizing substance used primarily by Alt-Fringe Division to seal dimensional holes in the redverse.

Another name for the yellowverse.

One of the Observers. He was killed in Season 2, and was the first Observer ever to die.

Walter’s nickname for his old friend, William Bell.

Another fan term for the grayverse.

The universe most often seen on Fringe, sometimes also referred to as Over Here, ourverse or the prime universe. Episodes set in the blueverse are represented by blue/teal opening credits.

Blue Elizabeth
The late wife of Walter Bishop, who committed suicide. She was seen in the Season 2 episode “Peter” and the Season 3 episode “Subject 13.”

Blue Peter
Another name for Dead Peter. The Peter who died of a genetic disease as a child.

The original German name of the Bishop family.

The Olivia Dunham of the redverse, an agent of Alt-Fringe Division. Also called AltLivia. (The name “Bolivia” is derived from Fringe screenplays that label this character as “B-Olivia.”)

The version of Massive Dynamic scientist Brandon Fayette in the redverse.

Fan name for (adult) former test subjects of the cortexiphan trials, including Olivia and other characters such as Nick Lane.

A drug created by Walter Bishop and William Bell to develop innate abilities in children, which was administered to Olivia and other cortexi-kids during the cortexiphan trials.

cortexiphan trials
Experiments conducted by Walter and William Bell on children during the 1980s, mostly in Jacksonville Florida, but also other locations.

Dead Peter
The Peter Bishop who was born in the blueverse and later died of a genetic disease in 1985. Also called Blue Peter.

The most senior member of the Observers.

A fan term for Olivia Dunham’s uncanny ability to shoot bad guys between the eyes. i.e., “You’ve been Dunhammed.”

easter eggs
Refers to several different types of hidden clues or symbols found in each Fringe episode. For a fuller explanation, see Fringepedia.

The name of Fringe’s production company (FB2 Films). Signs pointing to Fringe’s locations in Vancouver are often labeled FB2.

The symbols shown before each commercial break during Fringe episodes, which translate to a simple letter substitution code. See Fringepedia for more.

The grim future of the blueverse, as seen in the Season 3 finale “The Day We Died.” The grayverse takes place 15 years in the future. Also called the blackverse.

the Inner Child
A strange bald child from the Season 1 episode “Inner Child,” who could possibly be a young Observer.

1. The location of most of the cortexiphan trials.
2. Fan shorthand for important events that happened in this episode (“Jacksonville,” Season 2), such as the start of Peter and Olivia’s love relationship.

A young Observer who was seen in the Season 4 premiere.

An Observer who made an appearance with other Observers in Season 2’s “August” episode.

Massive Dynamic
A powerful scientific research corporation started by William Bell. Now run by Nina Sharp. Brandon Fayette is one of their lead scientists. In Season 3, the company was left to Walter in Bell’s will.

An unofficial fan name for an older Observer who tends to appear only in the background of Fringe episodes as the weekly Observer manifestation.

The flashing-light weapon used by September in several episodes and fired by Peter in Season 2’s “August” episode.

Fan name for the Lincoln Lee of the blueverse (the one with glasses).

Over There
The redverse.

Over Here
The blueverse.

A dark blue coat that Peter Bishop typically wears.

The alternate universe. Home of Bolivia, Alt-Broyles, AltStrid, Walternate, Brandonate and AltLincoln; birthplace of Peter Bishop; domain of Alt-Fringe Division. Episodes set in the redverse are represented by red opening credits.

Red Elizabeth
Walternate‘s wife, who is still alive in the redverse. She is Peter’s birth mother.

Red Peter
This is an occasional clarifying fan term for Peter Bishop (as opposed to Blue Peter, the Peter who died).

Red Vines
A red licorice candy that Walter loves.

Reiden Lake
A lake located in upstate New York, scene of many crucial events in the Fringe storyline.

Fan name for the Charlie Francis of the redverse. He is an Alt-Fringe Division agent living with a chronic arachnid infestation. So named because of the scar on his face.

The central Observer of the story. He is sometimes referred to simply as “the Observer.”

strawberry milkshake
Walter’s favorite drink. Walter’s indulgence in strawberry milkshakes almost always heralds the imminent arrival of September on the scene.

The Walter Bishop of the redverse. He is a scientist and that universe’s Secretary of Defense.

The fan name for the world of Season 4, which presents both an alternate blueverse and redverse in which Peter Bishop never survived childhood in either of those worlds. Also called the amberverse. Episodes set in the yellowverse have amber/orange opening credits.

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