Upcoming Dates

The following is a listing of upcoming 2012 events related to Fringe. Some dates are tentative – see notes.

Monday, May 14
FOX Upfront Presentation in New York City (afternoon)
(No word on if Fringe cast members will attend, but they have attended this event in past years.)

July 12-15
San Diego Comic-Con
(A Fringe panel has not yet been formally announced, but Joel Wyman has said that Fringe will be there.)

Thursday, July 19
Nominations announced for 64th Primetime Emmy Awards

Fringe Season 5 filming begins (approximate)

August 10-12
The Fringe Event fan gathering in Vancouver, B.C.

Fall 2012
Fringe Season 5 premiere
(Premiere date TBA)

One response

  1. Randall Preston

    You may want to add Nov. 2012 to the events page. From the ads currently on the Science Channel, it looks like they are going to start running the previous seasons of FRINGE in late Nov. ( I think the ad said on Nov. 20th).

    August 28, 2012 at 4:16 pm

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